About Us

Company Profile

Our Company, UniPrecious Metal Limited was incorporated in Hong Kong in 2016. UniPrecious specialises in precious metal trading, mainly the physical trade of the international brand London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) 999.9 Kilobars. We also have our own warehouse and logistic teams. The Management Team of our Company possess extensive experience in professional financial service industry and in the compliance sectors. The team have the strength in steering the directions of operation and management, contributing to the control of business development and the overall operation of the Company.

Our Company has official account opening procedures for individual accounts and corporate accounts. Customers are required to provide relevant documents for internal approval. Our Company reserves all rights of account opening and transaction terminations. Our Company refuses all funds associated with illegal sources or criminal cases.

Target Customers

Our Company has the operation objective of becoming a Hong Kong gold wholesaler so the target customers are mainly Hong Kong and foreign retailers and institutional investing customers. For investing intuitions, we offer a range of options for their assets portfolio to assist investors in risk diversification.